Extended Floating Action Button Android Example

But if it is not the case, the app still works, but the revelation is the default one. make() call - instead of the snackbar displaying over the floating action button, the FloatingActionButton takes advantage of additional. is a screenshot of my mainactivity which has a FloatingActionButton but it doesnt applying any elevation (no shadows). extended scrolling features to. The mobile development market is rapidly gaining momentum in recent years. Technologies used. Non-Activity Binding. In the post, James discussed two controls that he has built around Material Design components. It's your basic, run of the mill Android skin, with not a lot going on. The idea of the concept is to provide the FAB with a more native behavior. It is very simple; you just need to place it as a child of page or view. Sencha Fiddle. Just put it as the direct child of page or view: